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Private Classes

Interested in a private class? We are happy to provide private classes for 1-2 individuals at the cost of $125 for

2-3 hours for one person or $185 for two people. This includes a personalized class design tailored to your skills and desired learning path and all supplies required. Participants will leave with a minimum of 6 self-decorated cookies in a professional bakery box. While our group classes provide a fun learning experience designed to allow you to socialize while still gaining skills, Private classes offer all of the content of 2-3 group classes at a level that ensures transferable skills and techniques that go beyond learning a specific set design.  If you want to know “why” as well as “what or how”, then this is the option for you! 

Please text for more information 972-922-6064

Cookie Pro? Click here

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Group Classes

Group classes are $45 per person for basic and intermediate classes and $55 and up for advanced classes depending on the materials needed for class designs. All supplies are provided and we strive to offer each person individual attention and pointers on a rotating basis throughout the class time. Each participant will leave with a professional bakery box of self-decorated treats and a new passion for cookie decorating! Group classes are offered as the Bakery Schedule allows or on a Request Basis.  Minimum of 10 people and Maximum of 40 required for a Group Class Request. Classes of more than 20 Participants will need to provide their own hosting space.  Please contact us for more details at 972-922-6064


Professional Classes

Already have a cookie business but ready to take your cookies to the next level? Our professional classes start at $200 per hour and are geared towards cookie decorators who are seeking to improve either a specific skill or scale their production to a higher and more efficient level.  These classes include skills like:

  • Hand lettering

  • Color theory and palette design

  • Advanced detail work

  • Advanced Florals

  • Cohesive Holiday design planning

Baking Ingredients

Business Coaching

Have a good handle on cookie decorating but ready to share your passion with the world? Oh Jupiters Bakery can help you turn your hobby into a side business or a full time job.  We understand what it's like to struggle with pricing, feel overwhelmed by marketing, or juggle work and life balance.

With 5 years experience in the Bakery business and a further history in the Food and Nutrition Management Industry, we are here to help you navigate all the choices in front of you.  Let us walk with you every step of the way.  You’ve got this, and we’ve got you! Pricing determined on an individual basis based on desired terms. 

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Have you been decorating cookies for a while now and taken all the classes but just aren’t sure if you’re ready to jump into business yet? Come experience what its like to work a home bakery on a larger scale.  Internships with Oh Jupiters Bakery cover everything from basic skill review to mass production on a home bakery scale. Internships are offered on an as needed basis with only 1-2 interns accepted at a time as we desire to make sure that each intern is fully equipped to step out on their own following their internship experience.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Science of Baking

  • Mass Production Considerations

  • Cookie Decorating Skill Review and Updated Methods

  • Royal Icing, Buttercream, and Hybrid Icing 

  • Recipe Development and Modification

  • Design Basics and Color Theory

  • Advanced Royal Icing techniques (as applicable)

  • Basic Business Concepts

  • Marketing and Building your Clientele

  • Packaging and Presentation

  • Finding your Branding Essentials

  • Health, Safety, and Sanitation for Food Handlers

  • Various Skill Sets as they come up in orders

  • Pricing with Confidence

Internships are conducted on the basis of knowledge for hours exchange and as such are unpaid. The value of the knowledge gained in this program is more than equal to the amount that would be paid as an employee or assessed for business coaching on a for fee basis.  As such this is an excellent option for those who wish business coaching but are unable to afford fees.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and will do everything possible to help those that desire to do so to succeed!

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