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Rolling the Dough

Our Story

Can you remember one food that just “defined” life’s Special moments for you? For me that was my Grandmother’s cookies.  On Every holiday known to mankind from my youngest years to well into married life with kids, every grandchild knew that a package from Grandma was coming laden with her famous cookies in whatever holiday shape was appropriate to the day.  Pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving, trees and ornaments for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and of course, shamrocks for St Patty’s day.  It simply wasn’t a holiday until you opened that package and smelled the buttery goodness inside.  No matter the rising cost of postage or ingredients or the fixed income we all knew her to be on, she was unstoppable.  And so this cookie became “the family cookie” recipe and even made an appearance at our wedding.


Fast forward to my years as a young mother new to my stay at home status, struggling to find affordable gifts for the many teachers and therapists who cared for our kiddo with extra challenges at birth on a single Teacher income.  I stumbled upon royal icing cookies and really the rest is history.  It provided not only a creative outlet for me, but also became our go to gift and a way to bring joy to others.  Eventually thanks to a few good and faithful friends who insisted on being my first orders and paying me for their children’s birthday cookies or business’s gifts for holidays, Oh Jupiters Bakery was born.

We’ve come a long way from those first cookies.  But we’re excited to see what the future holds.  From Corporate contracts to a recent casting as an alternate on a Food Network Holiday show, the sky is the limit and we are excited to keep growing and learning as we are given the opportunity.  Come and be a part of our story.  The only thing it’s missing is YOU!


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