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Baking Ingredients

Our Standards

Here at Oh Jupiters Bakery we believe that dessert should always taste better than it looks.  Sweets should be worth every single calorie and as a foodie and a mom to picky eaters,  I make it my mission to ensure that every bite is worth the investment you have made in your dessert choice.  


Our recipe is an old family recipe developed by my grandmother as a rolled spritz/shortbread/sugar cookie blend that cuts the sweetness of a traditional sugar cookie so that the royal icing becomes a compliment instead of being overpoweringly sweet.  My favorite comment from customers is when so many of them come back exclaiming “I didn't think I liked sugar cookies, but these are delicious!” 


Not only is the taste a high priority for us here at Oh Jupiters Bakery, but with my background in Culinary Arts, Health and Nutrition, and Food Science, I take your personal safety very seriously.  I hold a current Food Handler’s Certification but my own standards are extremely high.  I will never serve you something that I would not wish served to my own family, and I am careful to test and monitor all recipes and batches personally.


I take pride in making sure that the product quality is always better than the appearance, so that your entire experience is of the highest caliber of personalized service, from the first contact to the last touch point as we hand your order to you. Excellence comes first. 


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