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Oh Jupiters Bakery is a cottage bakery located in Allen, Texas. We specialize in delicious custom cookies.  And while they are almost too beautiful to eat, once you taste them we know you’ll find them as irresistible as they are beautiful.  Bring your vision to Oh Jupiters Bakery and let us create a customized work of edible art. 

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Family Recipe

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About Katy

Hello! My name is Katy and I’m the owner and artist behind Oh Jupiters Bakery.  I have always loved art and the magic that occurs when an idea moves from the mind of the creator onto paper or canvas or wood or icing.


Loving people through the work of my hands is in my DNA. It comes from my maternal grandparents who built their own home, made so many things from scratch, and developed many of the recipes I still use today. As well as my father’s parents who ran a wedding cake business and once removed the front picture window just to transport an elaborate wedding cake from my Grandmother’s dining room table to the car for delivery.  Each of them gave me an incorrigible desire to design and create beauty around me.  My mother and father only reinforced this passion, and I grew up with the firm belief that if my father couldn’t fix it or mom couldn’t make it, it simply couldn’t be done! They instilled a love of learning and passion for being a Maker that will never die and I am eternally grateful for this gift! 

I am a mom of two, wife of a Teacher at our local Allen High School, and lover of all things artistic.  My original degree is in Nutrition and Food Science as a Registered Dietitian, with a background in Culinary Arts and Food and Health Safety.  I have loved creating things since I was little and my husband is incredibly grateful that my creative energies have finally found a medium that is edible and doesn’t need to be stored indefinitely! I love color and design. Bringing a new and unique set to life based on your occasion, needs, and personal details is what continues to bring me joy in my work.  

Katy Kauffman owner of Oh Jupiters Bakery

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Baking Butter Cookies

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